Zagat Releases 2005/06 Los Angeles Nightlife Survey

Annual Guide Covers 575 Spots from Malibu to Pasadena, Mission Hills to Long Beach, Valley and Downtown Heat Up, Plenty of Partying All Around, The Downtown Standard, Skybar and Abbey are Most Popular, Here is Now; Ivar is Over; and the Sun Has Set on the Sunset Room

LOS ANGELES, July 11 /PRNewswire/ — Zagat Survey, the world’s leading provider of consumer survey-based leisure information, today released its new guide to the far-reaching, fast-paced and fun loving scene that is Los Angeles after dark. The guide includes 575 establishments from across the Southland and covers options from comedy to blues, clubs to coffeehouses and karaoke to sports bars. And, this being L.A., the Zagat guide’s categories include Celeb-Sighting, Industry Scenes and Margarita Specialists as well as Dives, Frat Houses, First Dates and Fine Food Too.

“This guide is an essential resource in a city known for clubs with no name, bars hidden in alleys and hotspots that quickly go cold,” said Ted Zagat, COO of Zagat Survey and the barfly behind the Nightlife guides.

As with all Zagat Survey guidebooks, the Los Angeles Nightlife survey is based on opinions from avid locals, in this case 2,874 night owls. And because Nightlife in Los Angeles is largely a younger person’s pursuit, 83% of these Nightlife surveyors were in their 20′s and 30′s. This year’s Nightlife guide includes dozens of handy indexes and lists, including What’s Hot, Most Popular, Best Buys and Top Ratings that cover appeal, decor, service and much more.

The three Most Popular nightspots according to Zagat surveyors are The Downtown Standard, Skybar and Abbey. These nightspots also made the What’s Hot list, a compilation of establishments generating the most buzz in L.A.

Results from the Nightlife Survey show that L.A.’s downtown nightlife surge continues apace. The Downtown Standard’s rooftop bar and Patina’s Disney Hall digs started the revival, and many others are following their lead. Broadway Bar, Seven Grand, and Harlem Place are among the new establishments set to open downtown this year. Meanwhile, over the hills, Valley Fever rages on. From Helios in Woodland Hills to Lucky Tiki in Mission Hills and NoBAR in North Hollywood, the San Fernando Valley’s nightspots are shining brightly. It doesn’t stop there — the nightlife scene is thriving all across Hollywood at joints like Here, Blowfish, Mood and Dime.

One hot trend the city has seen in recent months is the plethora of tapas and “taster’s choices” to hit local bars and supper clubs. Angelenos out after dark are no longer limited to the usual bar snacks of pretzels, peanuts or chips. Instead, a visit to Beechwood in Venice, Geisha House in Hollywood, Table 8 on Melrose, Nine Thirty in Westwood or Lounge at Bar Celona in Pasadena will yield a wide variety of small plate options to go along with that Mojito, Gibson, Prosecco or other libation.

In a city where everyone knows that fame can be fleeting, a few past hotspots have had their golden glow dim during the last year. These include Hollywood hipsters such as Ivar and El Centro. And a few old favorites have been forced to throw in the towel, including the Hollywood Athletic Club, Joya, Las Palmas and the Sunset Room.

Zagat Survey also measured preferences regarding the overall Los Angeles Nightlife experience. 27% of surveyors cite crowds as the biggest irritant. Angelenos have little patience when it comes to lines, with 20% saying they won’t wait in lines at all and 33% claiming they are unwilling to wait more than 10 minutes. 84% of surveyors say they feel smoking should continue to be banned in bars. Happily, inflation seems to be under control at only 2.4%.

“With so much ground to cover, it helps to have a reliable guide — and who better to help you navigate than our thousands of local surveyors who collectively went out nearly 300,000 nights last year?” said Ted Zagat.

The 2005/06 Los Angeles Nightlife Survey ($13.95 — or less than the average cost of two drinks at an L.A. nightspot) was edited by Gary Baum and Betsy Andrews and is available at bookstores and other retail outlets, through or by calling 800-371-5440.

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